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 lancearmstrong Good morning from London! stopped off to see some friends. Off to warmer climates today.
Practicing my British accent and our driver says, “you could be the next Dick Van Dyke”. I guess it’s that bad.
Interesting 2 read the British press in light of the first ever HGH positive w/ a rugby player here. Nowhere in the paper… #doublestandard
Good piece on SRAM’s new gruppo. I want it the next time I ride up Mauna Kea!
Skiing in ATX…
Congrats to @hornerakg and @janibrajkovic on their gr8 finishes in Sardinia today. @teamradioshack is rockin’.
Dinner in Europe w/ Willie Nelson’s “Songbird” on the stereo. Pretty fine. He, Ryan Adams, and The Cardinals did well w/ this one.
johanbruyneel Getting a lot of suggestions for a new language for “We Might As Well Win”. Opinions are very varied. Spanish, French, Chinese or Other?
It looks like chinese is getting the most votes, then spanish, then french. Ok! We go for chinese! Where do we start?

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