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TeamRadioShack Volta ao Algarve Stage 4 recap: Rosseler Rolls to First @TeamRadioShack Victory
Congrats to Sebastien Rosseler for his win on Stage 4 of the Volta ao Algarve. The 1st win for @TeamRadioShack!
LeviLeipheimer Time gap to the breakaway was 3.5 min w/ 30km to go w/ 2 teams chasing hard, 10km later it was 4 min to Sebastian by himself! Today was hard.
Uh yeah that just happened!! Sebastian Rosseler scores the 1st @teamradioshack victory of 2010. I tell you. That was impressive! Wow!
johanbruyneel Looking good there Mr. Rosseler!
1st win of Team RadioShack by new recruit Sebastian Rosseler in Algarve. Congrats Seba!!!
Exploring London and surroundings areas.

lancearmstrong @johanbruyneel: Looking good there Mr. Rosseler!

Good 3ish hour ride w/ @len_zanni and all the guys from @honeystinger. Love their products.

Cops @ house. Some1 dialed 911. After interrogating the kids we figured out yours truly misdialed @chaincondom whose # starts w/ 913. Doh!!

Sebastian “Seba” Rosseler wins stage 4 of the Volta Algarve. First win for @teamradioshack!! Congrats Seba!


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