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Levi Leipheimer LeviLeipheimer Sounds like that Tony Kornhoser guy got what he wanted, a bunch of attention and an interview with @lancearmstrong. Never heard of him B4!

Lance Armstrong lancearmstrong Sea Change: Feds Deem Pedestrians, Cyclists and Motorists Equals (via @sfcriticalmass)

Of course bike-centric infrastructure helps but not always reality. Encourage ur elected officials to fund these projects. 1 world 2 wheels.

But this goes right 2 the core issue of relations between cars and bikes. Nobody is right or wrong here and both here 2 stay. #mutualrespect

Had a decent chat w/ Tony Kornheiser who I feel is genuinely sorry for his comments re: us cyclists. Thanks for all y’alls support.

About to go on w/ Tony Kornheiser. Welcome to @livestronghq

LIVESTRONG Young Leaders Council. Bright young minds at work today.

johanbruyneel johanbruyneel Interview I did with on starting a new team, rivalries at the Tour and more

TeamRadioShack TeamRadioShack Milan San Remo Race Preview: #TRS

ESPN 980ESPNRadio980 Seven-time Tour de France champ Lance Armstrong (!!) joins The Tony Kornheiser Show at 11am on ESPN 980 and

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