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 johanbruyneel Back home from Paris-Nice. @teamradioshack had a rough week with some bad luck & guys getting sick but we left the race with a good feeling.

TeamRadioShack TeamRadioShack Paris-Nice Final Stage Recap: #TRS #parisnice – @lancearmstrong and @darylimpey get some instruction from david with @thecycletour

Chris Horner hornerakg The final stage of Paris-Nice – definitely one to remember! Link to today’s article:

Lance Armstrong lancearmstrong – My bud Ed Ruscha standing next to his piece “Texas Sheiks” @livestronghq.

Taking off for home now. Thanks Cape Town for a great week. And thanks to @jagfoundation for all you are doing down here. Livestrong!

And hats off to all the riders today. Won’t be easy in that wind. Cold beers tonight! Argus Cycle Tour done! What a cool ride/race.
Congrats to @darylimpey on gettin’ 3rd. Wind was howling out there.

Up early… 4 am here in Cape Town. Earliest I’ve ever woken up for a bike race.


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