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TeamRadioShack TeamRadioShack Press Release: Steegmans Fractures Collarbone. #TRS #parisnice
Paris-Nice: Leipheimer Storms Opening Prologue. #TRS #parisnice
Tour of Murcia Stage 5 Recap: Klöden Best Team Rider in Murcia. #TRS
LeviLeipheimer Dirk DeMol said the wind picked him up off the ground while he was going @75kph on the downhill.   
Unofficially 3rd in Paris Nice Prologue. Cold and WINDY!!! You may have heard our boy Geert Steegmans crashed very hard.
Lance Armstrong lancearmstrong Great job to @levileipheimer on his awesome prologue at #parisnice. 3rd place just seconds down.
Shit! Hearing Steegmans crashed and perhaps broke his collarbone in #parisnice. Bummer!

Short AND fast final stage here in #Murcia. Outta here now. Cape Town tomorrow!!

Driving to the start of the final stage. Lost like a recent college grad. Oh well, I guess we’ll get there eventually.

 johanbruyneel Driving home from Murcia to Madrid on the team bus. Decided to skip the plane trip.

Back on twitter with a different app. Let’s see this one works.

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