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Lance Armstrong lancearmstrong Jetlag..

Wasn’t even a black cat. And for all you cat lovers, cat was fine. At least I never saw it again. Bad kitty.

Back from a nice/easy 4 hr ride. Well it was nice til that cat decided to run out right in front me and I go ass over bandbox. #roadrash

Classy. RT @Vaughters: I taught my son the word “shart” today about 4 hrs after eating at Wendys. Ah, the joys of fatherhood

Congrats to @mickrogers on his win in Spain today. Great victory from a great dude.

Dinner at the house w/ @annahansen, @knollio, and Richard. @casadecalexico on the system. Sup Joey?

TeamRadioShack TeamRadioShack Check out the new fan blog: @TeamTheShack chats with Chris Carmichael, @trainright, about fans. #TRS


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