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TeamRadioShack Stage 3 Volta ao Algarve recap. Machado and @levileipheimer Step Up in Algarve. #TRS
In Cedar Park w/ @annahansen, @lukearmstrong, @gracearmstrong, @bellaarmstrong, and @maxarmstrong1 for the Cirque du Soleil!!
Congrats to Tiago Machado and @levileipheimer on their gr8 rides in Volta Algarve. AC was strong but the boys rode gr8. TT coming soon.
And @teamradioshack are leading the Team GC!!
When’s the last day of figure skating in the Olympics?
One of the greatest men to ever throw a leg over a bike. Need more like him….period. George Hincapie.
Crazy afternoon/evening. Putting the final touches on the pinewood derby car w/ @lukearmstrong then an hour of @kingyoga. Dinner time!
Uphill finish today in Algarve, @teamradioshack 2nd & 3rd (Tiago and myself). The Pistolero fired right from the bottom.
@lancearmstrongr One has nothing to do with the other, don’t assume it was meant for you

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