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TeamRadioShack TeamRadioShack Paris-Nice Stage 1 Recap: Crashes Rule the Day. #TRS #parisnice
LeviLeipheimer Stage #2 of Paris Stress, I mean Nice was war! Lots of crashes from fighting in the wind all day. I had a crash in final 25km, seem 2 B OK
Paris-Nice Stage One: (via @hornerakg)
Lance Armstrong lancearmstrong – @darylimpey preventing bloat after 12 hours in the air…
Well, made it in to SA. Not the friendliest welcome I’ve ever received but we’ve all seen immigration officers like that. #posterboymaterial
Well, made it to Cape Town but can’t get in the country since my passport is full and there’s no room to stamp it. So… stuck. #really?
Up early headed back to the airport (my fav past time). Off to Cape Town for a week. 12 hours of flying!!
Dinner at the house w/ @annahansen, @darylimpey, @knollio, @maxarmstrong1, and Richard. I missed me some MAX!!!!!

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