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SB broke the record for highest viewership ever w/ +/- 106 million viewers. Guess what the previous highest was?

Done scanning. Thanks to everyone at Cyber F/X for all the help. – May make this my new avatar. – First scan. Cool stuff. – Setting up for the scan

@Bootster thanks!

The body scan is all about aerodynamics and not for health reasons. Sorry for the confusion and thanks for the concern.

Up early getting the rugrats off to school then a long day of travel. Stopping in LA for a full body scan – working on a little something.

@nearmars All the time.

Great win by the #saints. Great coaching and players ready to play. Austin boy Drew Brees does good.

I want an overtime Superbowl!

Mike – I swear I didn’t take it. – Lance

Decent ride here in what is once again a cold ATX. Prepping for our SB party too. Off to Kona tomorrow – can’t wait!

So sad to hear of passing of Franco Ballerini (selecionador italiano de ciclismo, na foto). Raced many years w/him. Cool guy and great champ. Leaves behind a wife and 2 kids. RIP, FB.

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